Full Contact Appending

According to the statistics, 30% of Contact data gets outdated due to the change in the employment, role changes (or) company becoming obsolete. Hence, it is important for the marketing team to keep the contact database refreshed. Attributes like Company description, Industry Segmentation, Revenue, Job Profiles and contact accuracy are the key factors in determining the success of the campaign.

Clean and better data improves the domain reputation and effectiveness of the campaign. We provide enriched contact data that helps in the effective campaign.

Provide your email list and get back the enriched data.
1. Company Name
2. Company Description
3. Revenue
4. Industry
5. Company details - HQ details – Phone, Fax, Email, Social Profile – Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook profile
6. Employee - Email Address
7. Employee Linkedin Profile
8. Employee Phone Number ( Board Line)

Source Your Email Address
Validate Profile

Email, Social Validation

DB Match

Match With In-House Database, Third-Party Data Partners

Data Enrichment

Enrich Company Details, Social, Contact Details.

Data Verification

Manual verification of enriched data


1. CSV/XLS format includes all company and employee details
2. Recommendation of additional contacts which matches the buyer profile.