Custom List Building

Sales team typically spends more than 25% of the time identifying new prospects. Once they find the prospecting companies, identifying the relevant profiles along with their contact details is a real challenge. The marketing team has to spend their time effectively in targeting the right set of customers for nurturing. In addition to that data gets outdated at very faster phase.

Discovering business relevant contacts involves excessive research work and investigation. We help our clients to find the right set of leads that match the relevant market segment and the buyer profile.

Get the updated information of your prospects using our Custom List Building Service.

Understanding The Business Scope

Our Data collection team works with you to understand the scope of requirements. This includes figuring out the Nature of business, target industry/market segments, geographic locations and job functions of the buyer profile.

This is the first step where we need to understand the requirements which ensure data relevancy with faster deliverability.

Custom List Building Companies

We currently own more than 20 Million companies in our proprietary database across the globe. We shortlist the list of companies that best suits to your market. In case, if the existing database does not suffice your requirement, we dynamically build the new set of companies.

With this exercise, we will be able to shortlist company website, Company Description, Industry, Headquarters, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook Profile, Revenue, Number of Employees and other relevant attributes.

Custom List Building Contacts

In this step, we shortlist the contacts that match the business criteria like Job Function, Job Levels and Job Location from our data sources.

Our data sources include:
1. In-house Database ( 50 Million B2B contacts )
2. Third Party Data Partners
3. Crowdsourcing data suppliers
Our in-house database is collected from public data sources, Webforms, Webinars, Tradeshows and other methods of opt-in data.

Data Validation

Once we shortlist the contacts, we perform a data validation, which ensures the email deliverability. We also match the relevant deadline numbers of the contacts.

Our data validation steps include, but not limited to - SMTP Email Verification, Opt-in campaign and various match test with third party data partners.

Data Cleanup

Once we have all the relevant profiles, we further do a manual verification to provide consistent results.


Our deliverables include Attributes

  • • Company Description
  • • Website
  • • Industry
  • • Revenue
  • • Headquarter Details - City, State, Country, Boardline Number
  • • Social Links
  • • Job Title
  • • Job Position
  • • Job Function
  • • Job Location
  • • Email Address
  • • Phone (Boardline Number)